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Kimberley Dreaming

Ben & Sally

Sally and I met in Kununurra, about 5 years ago, walking our dogs at the local park. We hit it off, chatting about our similar interests, our love for the Kimberley region and discovered our common passion for the Tourism industry! As things evolved over time and with much planning, we decided to embark on a new venture together and registered our business name.
Kimberley Dreaming was born!

For those who are willing to travel the extra mile (literally), the reward is an unforgettable experience of your time in the Kimberley region.
‘We look forward to sharing our backyard with you'


Where We Work

Welcome to our Backyard

The Kimberley

We love everything about life in The Kimberley. The timeless landscape is as breathtaking as it is beautiful, as wild and untamed as it is ancient. It’s a place full of adventure, authentic traditions and a laid-back lifestyle.

Sally and I are passionate about providing our guests with authentic, culturally enriching experiences on country. It's what inspires us to continue our journey in tourism.

Hitting the rivers and waterways is a great way to explore the unique Kimberley region.

Camping On Country is an experience that we never tire of, the night skies always put on a show.

Tours can be tailored to suit all fitness levels. We guarantee you’ll sleep well after a day On Country.